Who We Seek

  You don’t have to fit into a mold at Business Concepts Consulting—there isn’t one. We do, however, seek people with strong drive, relentless curiosity, the desire to create their own path, the ability to work collaboratively, and the passion and leadership to make an impact.

Bachelors & Masters (Non-MBA)

 As a member of one of our case teams, you’ll work with and learn from some of the best minds in the business. Ideas, not tenure, matter to us, so you’ll be able to make an impact from day one. Working at Business Concepts Consulting will help you develop the skills and confidence you need in a supportive environment that respects the views of every individual. Hands-on learning and innovative training programs will help you make the jump from the classroom to the real world of business. You may choose to further your education by pursuing an MBA or other advanced degrees. In recent years, 90 percent of our staff who applied to a top-tier business school were accepted. To fuel Business Concepts Consulting creativity, we seek talented graduates from diverse academic backgrounds, including business, engineering, economics, science, and the humanities. Business Concepts Consulting training will help you develop analytical, conceptual, and leadership skills, increasing your value at Business concepts consulting and beyond. A career at Business concepts consulting gives you the opportunity to work across many different fields and industries, so you can discover your own passion and expand the number of paths on which you can take your career—including entrepreneurially.


  Your MBA was a big investment; Working at Business concepts consulting will help you maximize its return and accelerate your career. The experiences you gain—working with influential clients on high-stakes issues—combined with the connections you make will arm you to take on any challenge you choose, inside or outside Business concepts consulting.  As a member of one of our teams, you’ll work with and learn from industry leaders who will help you hone the team-building skills demanded of modern leaders. You’ll have an impact from day one, helping clients truly transform their businesses rather than merely delivering incremental results. At Business concepts consulting, we’ll provide you with the tools, training, and experience you need to achieve your goals faster and to create a more fulfilling and sustainable career.

Advanced Degrees (MDs, JDs, PhDs)

  If you have, or are pursuing, an advanced degree and want to employ those skills on challenging business issues, consider applying to Business concepts consulting. Your intellectual curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving skills will add invaluable perspective to client projects—perspective that can drive product innovations and business-process breakthroughs. At Business concepts consulting, you will work with and learn from leaders from diverse backgrounds and have numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth—within or outside your current area of expertise. On-the-job experience, combined with extensive training and mentorship programs, will help you develop new skills and succeed in the consulting world and beyond.

Experienced Professionals

  Whether you have a few years of experience or an established track record in an industry or function, consider taking your career to the next level at Business concepts consulting. Apply your knowledge and skills to new challenges, working in case teams and alongside senior management from the world’s most successful companies. Your experiences at Business concepts consulting will enable you to
accelerate your career—whether you want to deepen your current expertise or explore a new field. We offer continuous learning opportunities and the chance to make an immediate impact on our clients’ most important challenges. You may pursue a path toward becoming a partner or director at Business concepts consulting or you may decide to return to your industry, enriched by your
Business concepts consulting experience. The choice is yours.

Consulting Roles

Consulting is the heart of our business, and our consultants are its heartbeat. Business concepts consultants go deeper to solve our clients’ biggest challenges and to make a positive, lasting impact on their businesses and the world.
  As a member of our consulting teams, you’ll work alongside some of the world’s top minds on cases that reshape business, government, and society. You’ll collaborate on challenging projects with team members from many backgrounds and disciplines, increasing your understanding of complex business problems from diverse perspectives and developing new skills and experience to help you at every stage of your career—at Business concepts consulting and beyond. Consulting work is varied and rigorous, much of it performed at our client sites. Projects can vary in length, size, and location, depending on the client’s challenge. Because our clients operate all over the world, you may travel internationally. If you are joining us directly from school, expect to work with a wide range of clients and projects right from the start—from helping to devise the integration strategy for a pharmaceutical merger to developing sustainable farming practices in emerging countries. ​As your career advances, you’ll begin to specialize in one or more practice areas, guided every step of the way by Business concepts consulting  mentors and world-class learning programs designed to meet your individual needs. Experienced professionals with knowledge and skills in a particular discipline or industry may also choose our Expert Career Track to stay focused on that area of interest.


  As an associate, you’ll work on a case team with talented, supportive business concepts consulting team members will help you learn and challenge you to grow. You’ll be responsible for specific components of a project, such as analyzing a client’s performance or conducting interviews with key market players or industry specialists.


  As a consultant, you’ll begin to develop specialized knowledge and manage significantly larger and more complex components of our projects.
You’ll work closely with clients to understand their issues, create strategies for change, win buy-in for your recommendations, and collaborate with fellow team members at Business concepts consulting to transform client potential into performance.

Project Leader

  Business concepts consulting project leaders have developed the experience and leadership skills to direct diverse teams of consulting talent. Your role: Help those teams flourish by guiding their efforts, directing their talents, and expanding their knowledge and skills to deliver strategic and sustainable solutions for our clients. 


 As a Business concepts consulting principal, you will focus on building client relationships that are strong and lasting. You will have a growing role in thought leadership, team mentoring, and business development. Clients will seek your advice on business issues that extend beyond the immediate scope of your project work. Thus, you often help them define the strategic direction of their organizations.


 Business concepts consulting partner group defines the culture and strategic direction of Business concepts consulting and makes all management decisions for the firm. They are our intellectual leaders, bringing deep experience our clients and inspiring innovation throughout our company. As a partner, you will drive Business concepts consulting growth and help build the teams to meet tomorrow’s client issues and challenges.

Expert Career Track

  If you have deep expertise in a specific discipline or industry, consider our Expert Career Track. As a member of our consulting team, you’ll be able to further hone your expertise, develop new skills, and make a bigger impact on complex client challenges that increasingly demand your specialized knowledge. Business concepts consulting experts have deep functional and industry expertise in many areas—from lean manufacturing, procurement, risk management, and IT to oil and gas and telecommunications. As a Business concepts consulting an expert, you’re a pivotal member of our consulting team, working with and learning from leaders across disciplines from Business concepts consulting and our clients. The experience you gain will enrich your business perspective and expand your career potential—whether you choose to stay at Business concepts consulting, return to your field of interest, or launch an entrepreneurial venture of your own.


  As a consultant on our Expert Career Track, you’ll focus your industry or discipline expertise on specific client challenges, working collaboratively  with our clients as a case team member. Expert consultants have close ties to the Business concepts consulting practice area related to their specialty, and they have the opportunity to work on business development and to expand their expertise in projects.

Project Leaders and Principals

 Expert project leaders and principals contribute to or lead case teams, depending on their experience and skill set. You may also play the role of an advisor on relevant cases, providing guidance at project launch and at key checkpoints. Project leaders and principals participate increasingly in business and expertise development.

Associate Director & Director

  Senior-level experts work closely with Business concepts consulting partner teams to drive our company’s growth. In these roles, you’ll take a larger and more proactive role in shaping your practice area’s—and Business concepts consultings—strategy. Like other experts, associate directors and directors continue to play important roles supporting and executing client service engagements.

 Knowledge & Analytics

  As a member of our Knowledge & Analytics Organization, you’ll help expand business concepts consulting vast information resources, analytical capabilities, and operational acumen. You’ll work with the industry’s most advanced tools and technologies to build one of the deepest knowledge bases of its kind in the world. Our Knowledge & Analytics Organization works collaboratively with groups throughout Business concepts consulting—particularly with case teams. Your contributions will have a direct impact on our business and clients, helping Business concepts consulting see problems in new ways, analyze alternative solutions, and advance bold ideas to transform our clients’ businesses and improve the world. Business concepts consulting Knowledge & Analytics Organization provides you with the opportunity to gain global experience and exposure by interacting with Business concepts consulting worldwide network, working for international clients, and meeting with colleagues around the world. We offer attractive career options, including extensive learning and training opportunities, in four areas: knowledge team, data and research services, advanced analytics, and practice area management and operations.

What We Offer

  We offer full benefits:
  • Medical
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Vacation pay
  • Holiday pay
  • Sick leave pay
  • Cell phone discount plan
  • Matching retirement
  • Company parties at all locations
  • Bonuses

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