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  Consumer products companies face many new challenges in these markets created by complex consumer and shopper behavior and retail consolidation and emerging markets. But these same challenges also open new routes to new profitable growth. Business concepts consulting has helped to increase profits and build sustained value for leading consumer product companies worldwide. Our teams have worked with 95 percent of the 25 largest global consumer products companies and completed thousands of projects in this industry over the past 15 years.


   Business concepts consulting works with many consumer products companies to:
  • We design repeatable growth models and innovation pipelines that generate new products with higher potential and lower risks of failure.
  •  We manage many brand portfolios for optimal brand and product portfolio roles, winning strategies, investment levels, and profit expectations
  • Our teams accelerate brand growth,even in slow categories in develop markets,using Business concepts consulting experience and our approach and leveraging our leading edge Business concepts resource, which offers an in-depth insight into actual shopper behaviors.
  • By optimizing the strategy and execution of pricing and trade terms to help companies reach their full potential
  •  We help turn supply chains into a competitive advantage with quick wins and bold strokes.
  •  We develop and measure 360-degree consumer and shopper engagement and loyalty through multiple media and touch points, including traditional advertising, social media, point-of-sales activation and Scores
  •  We become a true partner for retailers, by adding value through sophisticated collaboration programs built on shopper insights, integrated supply chains, systems and data sharing
  •  We align, many measures and provide frontline incentives for perfect sales execution
  •  We build a culture of continuous cost improvement, ensuring the organization measures and tracks  the true cost-to-serve in order to drive it down relentlessly over time
  •  We master mergers and acquisitions to gain a competitive advantage in target selection, valuation and integration and building additional scale and the resulting economic efficiencies
  • We simplify, speed up and slim down operating models to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their organizations
  • We create a great pipeline to deliver growth expectations
Our clients include companies in the food, beverages, apparel, household products, luxury goods,electronics, beauty aids, personal care, toys and office products sectors.


 Our teams help consumer products companies become more successful by identifying where to focus and where to build the most value. We assist in accelerating brand and category growth, expanding into new markets or optimizing costs, to name just a few.
Our consumer products practitioners combine fine-tuned insight and industry expertise and experience in all major regions and functional areas with proven proprietary approaches and rigorous fact-based analysis. Our Advanced Analytic's and huge Data capabilities, as well as our Business concepts consulting resources,We will provide in-depth and distinctive insights on actual shopper behaviors.
In addition, Business concepts consulting experience in the retail industry brings further perspective to our understanding of industry challenges and opportunities. Our teams collaborate with clients to develop common objectives, define roles and responsibilities, propose recommendations and implement practical solutions.